East Sunset band was born on December 2015 between Venice and Treviso (Italy), after Matteo invited Alvise and Pietro (former members of Grocers) as well as Marco and Tommaso (former members of S.L.A.M.T.) to play together.
After a first experimental period aiming to identify their own sound, the sixth member Riccardo joined the band.
East Sunset then started playing in many local events and, with the gained experience, they learned to adapt to very different contests, from small gigs in local events to pubs, from busking to music festivals, always emitting the same bulging energy.
The first EP, “Eretiche Visioni”, was completed on July 2017 and it was published on December of the same year. “Eretiche Visioni” was completely self-produced and it was mixed and mastered at the Puzzle Factory Sound Studio in London, by Alberto Bassetto and Dax Liniere. The design and graphics were made by Darco Mal Pra`.
Nowadays the band has a wide repertory which allows a full time exibithion with just its own original music.

Line up

Alvise Gasparini

Mandolin, banjo, voice

Marco Biancotto

Guitar, ukulele guitar, cymbal, voice

Matteo Trevisan

Harmonica, voice

Pietro Cavarzeran

Accordion, bass drum

Riccardo Brotto

Bass guitar, contrabass

Tommaso Cillotto

Guitar, voice

Carlo Mezzalira

Drums, cajon